Taking the risk out of your prescription benefit

The risk of your plan coming in on budget this year; the risk of next year's cost increases; the risk of poor service; and the risk of insufficient information and advice on what you should be doing next. That's a lot of risk for a benefit that consumes roughly one in five of your benefit dollars.

Unlike most organizations that just "administer" prescription drug programs, Benecard takes full responsibility for the ever increasing risks associated with your prescription benefit. We offer not only full service, in-house, expert prescription benefit administration but also give you the ability to shift all or part of the risks through insured options.

Recognizing that each client is unique in terms of the prescription drug benefit risks it wishes to retain, Benecard offers access to various funding options through our licensed insurers as well as traditional self-funded (ASO) programs. 

We take the responsibility to deliver results.  Benecard- On the pulse of prescription drug benefits.