What We Do

Since 1990, Benecard has provided carve-out prescription benefit programs founded on the philosophy of integrity, innovation and a “clients first” approach.

Benecard is a full service, in-house prescription benefit administrator that includes mail and specialty drug dispensing. We specialize in delivering progressive benefit programs to private and public sector organizations with a 100 to 5,000+ membership. Each program incorporates benefit cost control, specialized services and risk protection affording a comprehensive package for our clients.

Our willingness to take responsibility for the program’s performance coupled with our unique flexibility in designing customized funding options through our licensed insurers makes Benecard completely different from other PBMs.

Clinical Cost Management

We are committed to effectively managing escalating prescription drug costs through evidenced-based clinical cost saving programs that benefit both members and plan sponsors.

Personalized Roadmap to Care

A personalized treatment plan can lead to better care and lower healthcare expenditures. We offer a personalized test that can determine the right medication and dosage for that individual. The results are shared with prescribers and our claims system to improve care and overall costs.

Specialty Drug Management

One specialty medication can turn a patient’s life and the plan sponsor’s budget upside down. We offer a comprehensive approach to our specialty management program that is valuable to both the patient and the plan sponsor.

Copay Assistance Program

Some people cannot afford their medication. We are here to assist your members’ access to the medication they need by accepting copay assistance programs and coupons.