Award Winning Service

We place our clients at the center of everything that we do. Our Clients and Members Always First philosophy has helped Benecard achieve the most top rankings over six years in PBMI’s PBM Customer Satisfaction Survey. This reflects our passion for creating a better prescription benefits experience.

Benecard provides all of its clients with the ability to design a prescription benefit program that meets their unique and specific needs. Our experienced Client Service Managers, with the support of Pharmacists and Analytic Resources, work with you to make sure that existing benefits are duplicated and maximized. A regular flow of actionable information on your plan will provide the basis for ongoing reviews and adjustments designed to meet your benefit goals.

Empowering Members

We put your members in the driver seat of their prescription drug benefit with fast, secure, and easy to access web tools such as:

  • View program coverage details
  • Find a participating pharmacy
  • Request mail order refills or check on status of refills
  • Compare drug pricing amongst various pharmacies
  • Get detailed information about medications they are taking
  • Access their Preferred Medication list
  • View their medication utilization history
  • Track clinical review status of medication via email/text alerts

Member Mobile App

Members can also request mail order refills, check the status of mail order refills and clinical review status, find a pharmacy, or compare drug prices through our secure and encrypted Member Mobile App.

Benecard PBF App - Apple Store Benecard PBF App - Google Play Store

Clinical Review Tracking Status

Benecard is improving the member experience of the clinical review process through our real-time clinical review tracking system. This system takes the mystery out of a medication status that requires a clinical review and empowers members to engage in their medication therapy.

What is a Clinical Review?

The clinical review process is applied to various clinical programs found in a prescription drug benefit. Our pharmacists perform clinical reviews to evaluate the safety and appropriateness of a medication based on FDA guidelines and the pharmaceutical company’s packaging label.

How Does the Clinical Review Tracking System Work?

It works through an opt-in system that provides real-time tracking alerts through email and text messaging. The message contains the current stage of the clinical review. This gives the member an opportunity play an active role in the process. For example, if the member sees there is a request for additional information from the doctor, the member can reach out directly to the doctor to confirm the request is being addressed, or that information has been sent. This can open a dialogue between the member and the doctor in case there are any additional steps that may need to be taken (such as getting new blood work done), this in turn may assist in speeding up the entire process. This system provides a transparent process for the member, prescriber, and pharmacist.

Virtual Benefit Fair and Open Enrollment

Benecard is always looking for new ways to help our clients. To adapt to the ever-changing recommendations of social distancing, Benecard developed a virtual benefit fair. The Benecard Virtual Benefit Fair provides a safe environment for members to use at any internet accessible location and provides clients a free and easy forum to promote the importance of your prescription drug benefit program.  Click here to learn more.