March 27, 2020

We are monitoring this COVID-19 pandemic situation constantly and making necessary changes to help members stay safe and ensure they have access to needed medications.  We have adjusted our clinical programs and medication refills to reflect the needs of our members during this time.  Below are the steps we have put into place:

  • At our Mail Order Pharmacy, Benecard Central Fill, we are proactively calling members to initiate refills and to schedule needed shipments of specialty medications in advance of the normal timeframe. Through this process, the member knows when they can expect their medication, which helps alleviate stress and anxiety that occurs with not knowing if they will have their medication when they need it.
  • We have adjusted quantity limits on Influenza medications, and step therapy protocols on acute medications in therapeutic classes that contribute to treatment of COVID-19, such as Cough Medications, Influenza, Nasal Steroids, Antibiotics, and Antivirals.
  • Due to the strain on the healthcare system at this time, we assessed our clinical review approvals that are expiring in March and April and have extended the ones that were clinically appropriate for another 3 months.
  • In addition, we are closely tracking medications that are being used to treat symptoms of COVID-19 in order to maintain appropriate inventory at Benecard Central Fill.
  • A weekly review of utilization reports is being conducted to identify medications that are in high demand and to help keep track of maintaining appropriate supplies.

We have deployed these measures to support our clients and their members in all states.  We will continue to communicate with you as this situation evolves and are here if you have any questions.

For answers to frequently asked questions on COVID-19, please visit the CDC website:

updated 5/6/2020

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