We understand that prescription is just one aspect of an
employer’s benefit package.

So we are here to provide expert advice on the field to make your job easier.

We offer Rx solutions that deliver results and help you sell.

One-of-a-Kind Offering

The fixed-rate insured prescription drug benefit program administered through Benecard gives you an alternative offering to present to your clients. This offering provides a fixed and guaranteed cost for the client, giving them peace of mind that their budget remains intact.

Client and Member Experience

We place our clients at the center of everything that we do. Our Clients and Members Always First philosophy has helped Benecard achieve the most top rankings over six years in PBMI’s PBM Customer Satisfaction Survey. This reflects our passion for creating a better prescription benefits experience.

Timely Service

We turnaround competitive proposals to quickly get you in front of your clients in no time.

Quality and Cost-Effective

Our prescription drug benefit programs promote member education and safety while help control claim costs for the client.

Keep You Informed

We communicate with you on the latest industry news to keep you in the know.

Advanced Technology

Our sophisticated information system allows us to integrate healthcare data, not just prescription drug claims. In addition, our innovative digital apps and resources provide the access to care members deserve.

Virtual Benefit Fair or Open Enrollment

Benecard is always looking for new ways to help our brokers and clients. To adapt to the ever-changing recommendations of social distancing, Benecard developed a virtual benefit fair. The Benecard Virtual Benefit Fair provides a safe environment for your clients’ members to use at any internet accessible location and provides clients a free and easy forum to promote the importance of their prescription drug benefit program.  Click here to learn more.

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